Eternal Spring


Why you should drink Eternal Spring 

One of the purest water sources of water on the planet 
Bottled at Source 
50 years natural filtration
State of Art bottling facility ensures maximum quality 
Optimum health benefits for the entire family
No added fluoride or other harmful chemicals. 
No recycled contaminates
and much more .... 
  Energised Water

Water that has flowed through the earth over thousands of years will absorb and store, the electromagnetic vibrations of the planet, This natural 'living energy' offers our bodies benefits far more than mere hydration. The longer water spends within the earth, usually deep within Earths ancient aquifers, the more energy it will absorb, until such time as it reaches maturity and resurfaces under its own natural pressure.

The best water that any one can drink to optimise their health and well being are natures own "living waters" that come from deep with in these ancient aquifers

Sports waters and bi-carbonated sodas commonly contain high contents of caffeine and sugar synthesised vitamins and other unnatural ingredients, which may only provide a temporary burst of energy. Our bodies are designed to process natural organic goodness which is much more beneficial for our health and well being. While our bodies may use the calories in these sports waters for a short energy burst, they are not necessarily doing us any good.

Eternal Spring Provides a natural energy and retains natures organic mineral balance in the state that nature created

  Typical Analysis

Calcium (Ca) 3.0
Magnesium (Mg) 1.4
Silica 93.4
Nitrate (N) 0.1
Sulphate (S04) 4.0
Bicarbonate (HC03) 35
Cloride (CI) 6.3
pH 7.2
Softness (as CaC03) 13
Total dissolved solids 146

The significance of the properties in Eternal Spring can be seen in particularly high levels of silica, a very low hardness rating (making this a very soft water) and a slightly alkaline pH level. The combination of these factors make Eternal Spring water one of the smoothest, best tasting natural spring waters in the world.

  High Silica Content

The natural filtration process of Eternal Spring produces one of the highest levels (93.4mg/l) of colloidal silica present in any natural spring water in the world.

By virtue of the high content of colloidal silica in Eternal Spring, nature may have provided a way to slow the aging process naturally.

Colloidal minerals have long been known and proven scientifically to slow the ageing process, reduce atherosclerosis, stimulate cell metabolism, and improve the structure and function of your bodies connective tissues and collagen shown in scientific studies to assist in preventing the spread of cancer and heart disease, the natural content of colloidal silica contained in Eternal spring is a rejuvenator from the inside out, improving the elasticity and firmness of blood vessels and stimulating the immune system.

Natural Alkalinity

All our body functions work best in a slightly alkaline state, our brain and our immune system The slight alkalinity range found in Eternal spring is important in assisting our cells to absorb oxygen and nutrients.

Most of the foods we ingest produce acids, and one of the long term health issues we face is the need to maintain the alkalinity of our diet to reduce the acid build up in our system which is one of the major causes of Gout and arthritis, Eternal spring has a Ph balance of 7.2 a slightly alkaline water making it a powerful tool in maintaining the bodies natural acid-alkaline balance.

The softness of "Eternal spring" Water that taste better than water

Eternal Spring water has been categorized as 'Super Soft' water because it has a hardness level of less than 12, where normally water below 178 is considered 'soft water' and above 357 is 'hard water'. Hardness is the figure calculated from the amount of calcium ions and magnesium ions in water: The amount of calcium ion per litre, added to the amount of magnesium ion per litre

The only way for a water to achieve this level of softness naturally is to 'age' over a very long period of time in an aquifer confined by lava type rock.

Eternal Spring water has actually been radio carbon dated at 1800 years old.

The low calcium and magnesium content means that Eternal Spring has no after taste, so often experienced in other waters. The natural filtration process through the mountain into the aquifer 1000 feet below the surface has created

Eternal Spring water from the super clean environment of New Zealand.

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