Purenity Spring Natural Artesian Water

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Purenity Spring Natural Artesian water is sourced 1000ft underground from the Otakiri Artesian Aquifer located in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty and is rich in silica, minerals and trace elements essential for optimal health. Our water is among the softest, purest and most drinkable anywhere in the world.

Purenity Spring Key Features
– Sourced from 1000ft underground in one of the deepest & purest artesian aquifers (Otakiri artesian aquifer) in the Bay of Islands region of New Zealand.
– Bottled pure at the source in our fully enclosed state of the art bottling facility and free from any external contaminants.

– 50 years natural filtration through ignimbrite (volcanic) rock.
– Carbon dated 1800 years old.
– Naturally Alkaline Water
– Hydrate your body naturally
– Naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals
– Energised Living Water
– Nothing artificial added (eg: fluoride)

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Purenity Spring is a living water sourced under ground in an artesian aquifer. As water flows through the earth, it absorbs and stores, the electromagnetic vibrations of the planet. This ‘living energy’ offers our bodies benefits far beyond mere hydration. The longer water spends within the earth, usually deep within aquifers, the more energy it absorbs, until such time as it reaches maturation and can come to the surface under its own pressure.

The best water we can drink to optimise our health and well-being are “living waters” that come from these ancient aquifers (and that surface under their own pressure). Sports waters and bi-carbonated sodas commonly contain synthesised vitamins and other unnatural ingredients. Our bodies are designed to process organic goodness. Purenity Spring contains a natural energy and retains its organic mineral balance in the state that nature intended.

• supports healthy hair, skin, and nails
• natural diuretic
• helps with the formation of collagen in bone, cartilage, and connective tissue
• promotes healing
• strengthens the heart and lungs
• treats arthritis, bone diseases, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, edema, gallbladder disorders, inflammation, muscle cramps, and prostate disorders

Purenity Spring is one of the softest, naturally occurring waters in the world. With a hardness rating of just 13, it is in the category of a super-soft water (the lower the rating, the softer the water).

The human blood must stay within a very narrow alkaline range (pH7.35-7.45*) or serious illness and death can occur. Almost all our body functions, including our brain and our immune system, work best in this slightly alkaline range, and our cells can only absorb oxygen and nutrients in this state. However, almost all the processes of living -tissue repair, metabolism of our food (especially our modern diet), and even stress – produce acid. One of the major keys to long-term health is maintaining the body’s acid-alkaline balance and we can do this through diet and lifestyle choices that help maintain the body’s alkalinity. With a natural *pH of 7.2 Purenity Spring is classified as a naturally occurring, ‘slightly alkaline’ water, making it a powerful tool in the maintenance of the body’s acid-alkaline balance. *pH measurements range from 0 – 14. A pH of 7 is neutral, anything below is acidic and anything above is alkaline.