Nature shares its rewards

nature shares its rewards

Using the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical sequence found throughout nature itself, we have developed a dynamic commission sales plan that shares accrued profits generated by the sales of Purenity Spring natural artesian water back to our members over 12 commission levels.

Watch this highly acclaimed video by Cristóbal Vila from to see examples of the amazing Fibonacci sequence in nature.


fibonacci sequence

ShopSmart Marketing has created a unique business program coupled with a rewarding commission plan for people who wish to share in the group sales commissions of our range of premium products starting with Purenity Spring Natural Artesian Water.

fibonacci levels

access program - level 1

sales commissions chart


freedom program - level 5

Be a part of this exciting and rewarding business opportunity by becoming a distributor of Shopsmart Marketing and sharing the benefits of Purenity Spring with family and friends before we launch, and you can fast-track your path to success.

join build pay

Shopsmart Marketing’s Access Program

Cost: $250 per month allows access to Shopsmart’s exclusive sales distributor program plus also receive 5 cartons of (24 x 500ml bottles) of Purenity Spring Natural Artesian Water from New Zealand delivered to your door every month**.

5 cartons

Make 33 group sales & never pay out of pocket again 
Make a total of 33 accrued group business sales of Purenity Spring Natural Artesian Water to earn commissions of 280.02 per month, to offset the cost of your own business so you never have to pay out of your own pocket again.

33 sales offset cost


** The Shopsmart Distributor program is available to Australian and New Zealand residents only at this time due to current product delivery limitations.  We hope to expand to new regions in the future.